Bitcoin Quick?

What is Bitcoin Quick?

Bitcoin Quick is a cryptocurrency, based on blockchain technology. It works on ethereum platform as a smart contract ERC-20 token. In this way our cryptocurrency transaction is 10 times faster than normal bitcoin transaction. Our cryptocurrency transaction fees are also very low when you compare with bitcoin transaction fees. You can adjust transaction fees with
feature on our cryptocurrency. A bitcoin quick transaction can complete in less than 3 minutes with lowest transaction fees that belows 10 cents. You can send any amount (1 billion or 1 single cent) but transaction fee is same and less than 10 cents.

Bitcoin Quick Vs. Other payment systems


Features of bitcoin quick:

  • Decentralized
    Make transactions with complete freedom. No goverments, no banks and no restrictions
  • Fastest P2P transactions
    Send money to anyone in less than 3 minutes. 10 times faster than normal bitcoin
  • Lowest transaction fee
    You can send any amount. But fee is same and less than 10 cents per transaction
  • Open source
    Our cryptocurrency works on blockchain technology and it’s 100% open source.
  • Secure
    It works on blockchain technology. So, no one can manipulate your funds without your private key.

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