What is Pinkcoin? How does it help with relief efforts and charity?

What is Pinkcoin?


Pinkcoin is a unique digital currency inspired by the pursuit of philanthropy and pareto-optimal game theory. Pinkcoin offers a secure and trustless network to disrupt the non-transparent charity model. On our network, help yourself by helping others; earn money while holding Pinkcoin and simultaneously be a champion of charity.


Our newly upgraded Pinkcoin blockchain is a hybrid model incentivizing users to secure the network by either mining via traditional Proof-of-Work (PoW) or by participating in an innovative and gamified Proof-of-Stake (PoS) design. Flash-stake (FPoS) and side-stake blockchain technologies encourage PINK holders to earn stake rewards while concurrently sharing their wealth. Users are further motivated to stake and share due to Donate 4 Life (D4L), a system designed to reward participants for helping others.


Past charity events:   https://relief.with.pink/


Read more about Pinkcoin ( Pinkpaper )

Website: https://getstarted.with.pink/



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